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This is an image search (based on Yahoo's API).

Once you search for an image (use the search box above) you will be able to manipulate the image on the fly, including adding shades and shadows, making it a button, rotate the image, resize the image, flipping the image both horizontally and vertically, swirl the image, blur it, make it a charcoal or oilpainting artwork, frame it, and more...Just click on the image you'd like to alter.

Enjoy and make sure to provide us with feedback or other image alteration feature requests!

Note: If you would like to use some of the advanced functions (such as keeping your search history or saving your modified or unmodified images), you will ned to make sure you have enabled cookies.

NEW: This just added for developers: there is now a JSON and an XML API to the image manipulator. You can find links on the image manipulation controls page (search for an image and click on one of the images and you will get to that page). You will find links near the top for both output types. Basically, take that page and add output= either json or xml. (Thanks to Dean Maslic for this suggestion through the feedback link)